The new House GOP’s new strategy for fighting Obamacare

The new Republican leadership in the House says it’s going to push back hard against the new health law.House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told reporters on Monday that the GOP’s “top priority” will be to stop the expansion of the individual mandate, which requires people to buy health insurance or pay a penalty.The GOP’s […] →Read more

How to sell old appliances

How to buy a house or a fridge?The answer is simple.The first step is to buy an old appliance.An old appliance is the most reliable way to save money, said Shashi Vaidya, director, Centre for Industrial Research & Development.If you want to buy something new, you need to consider the features and durability of the […] →Read more

New home furnishings maker offers new ‘Carry-On’ option for elderly

A new home furnishing company is introducing a “carry-on” option for people 65 and older, which it calls the “CarryOn”.The service, which allows customers to keep the items they purchased and add them to a bag for travel, is free for customers who do not need the services of a personal care aide or caregiver, […] →Read more

What are the top three new household appliance brands?

HomeKit developer Nest Labs has announced a new range of new household appliances that are expected to be available later this year.HomeKit developer Ericsson, who was previously behind Nest’s Nest Thermostat, said that the new products would offer a range of features including: a smart thermostat that can tell you the time and temperature, a […] →Read more

When is a new TV a bank?

It’s a question you’ll hear a lot over the next year.And it’s one that the banks are still trying to answer, as the industry and consumer groups scramble to figure out how best to meet consumer demand.The Bank of England has set its sights on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which runs from February 6 […] →Read more

Why do you need a Bugatti Veyron to replace your washing machine?

A Bugatti dealership in Florida recently announced that it will be selling a $4,200 washing machine.The announcement comes after the automaker unveiled its new Veyrons, a supercar-style supercar that will go on sale in the United States this summer.It will be powered by a 1.7-liter turbocharged six-cylinder engine.The engine uses a turbocharger and an aluminum […] →Read more

Electric home owners get electric bills, bills in a few months, says survey

For the first time in nearly 20 years, households in the U.S. are paying electric bills in monthly increments.For the first three months of 2018, that means electric bill in most U.N. households was $20 a month.That was an increase of about $2.65 from the $20 in the previous survey.The increase was driven by increases […] →Read more

Is the TCL household appliance market going down?

The TCL (NYSE: TCL) household appliance industry is going through a major change as the company looks to focus on the IoT market.The company’s earnings report showed an 18% drop in net sales during the quarter, the second straight quarter of declines.The industry is in a state of flux.TCL announced a $50 million investment in […] →Read more

Household Appliances: Definition

Home appliances are appliances that are designed to be used in your home or office.Some are household appliances that can be used as an entryway, office or bedroom decor item.You may find household appliances like this one here: →Read more

When you’re not using your computer: What do you use it for?

Answers to common questions about what your computer does while you’re at work, home, and on the go, Recode reported.Some questions are less about what you do and more about where you are at at the moment.Here are some questions you may not be asking yourself:1.What are you doing while I’m working?A lot of us […] →Read more