Why is the stock market in the toilet?

Stock markets are in the bathroom.

You have to be really, really lucky to get a seat on the subway or a flight to London, but you can always sit in the stock markets and enjoy the view.

The market is a reflection of how markets behave.

And that reflects the strength of the United States economy, and that reflects how the economy is doing, and it reflects the weakness of the euro, and so on and so forth.

So you have a market that reflects things that are going on in the world, but it is also a reflection on the U.S. economy.

So we know that stock markets reflect the strength and strength of markets around the world.

And the fact that we have a strong economy and we have an active and healthy economy is one of the reasons why stock markets are so good for investors.

They provide a really good way to evaluate the health of the economy and the strength, strength of a country.

They also provide a way to judge the health and strength in a country’s currency, which is really important for people in the U-S.

It is the world’s second-largest economy, after the United Kingdom.

It has been doing very well for decades.

It’s also a world leader in many areas, including health care and education, so it’s one of our most important markets.

But it is really one of those markets that can reflect a lot of different events, and when you are looking at the stock indexes, it’s really easy to get caught up in the events that are happening around the globe.

So the U’s stock market has done pretty well this year, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gone up 6,400 points since March 20.

So if you are in Europe, and you are watching the markets, you can be pretty sure that the U is going to do really well.

So now we have to go back to the U of A, and we need to do it again.

The stock market is really good at reflecting the health, strength and the healthiest and healthiest economies around the planet, so when you’re in Europe and you’re looking at stocks, you’re going to see that the stock prices are actually going up.

They are going up because there are many good things going on, but they are also going up to reflect that the health is great, that there are a lot more good things happening.

They have a lot less volatility than they used to have.

And so they have an incredible capacity to be able to reflect things happening around them, which gives you a great view of the world around you, and makes it easy to invest in stocks.

Now, let’s talk about bonds, because bonds are so important for investors to understand.

There is a huge market for bonds.

They can be used for retirement accounts, for retirement funds, for hedge funds, because they’re cheap.

They’re cheap and easy to buy.

But there are also a lot fewer alternatives, because we don’t have a large stock market.

We have a very small number of big stock indexes around the market, and a lot smaller market indexes, which means that investors can buy bonds, but not for retirement or retirement funds.

So there is a lot that’s going on behind the scenes in the bond market.

And we have been focusing on bond markets this year.

And in the coming years, we will be focused on a broader view of stocks and bonds.

So I’m going to talk a little bit about the U and the U stock market and a little more about U bond markets.

So how did you get into investing in bonds?

First of all, you have to have a college degree.

You can get a job.

So that was a pretty big hurdle to getting into investing.

The reason is that college degrees are hard to get.

They cost $10,000 a year, which I think is pretty high for most people, and most people get a degree.

The average starting salary in the United State is about $35,000.

And if you get a college education, you need to have the right kind of job, and many people don’t get that kind of education.

So when you get to college, you learn to code.

You learn to make computer games.

You need to learn how to do math.

You know, you really need to go into finance and then you can start to do real estate or real estate trading or real-estate lending.

And then you move on to investing.

And it’s not that you have an easier path.

It takes a lot longer, but there are plenty of ways to get into the stock and bond markets if you want to.

There are many ways to invest, and they are available all over the world and you can get into them if you really want to invest.

So in this article, I’m just going to focus on the United Sates, so the U stocks are pretty much where you would start.

But then you want the U bonds, so I’m