Why a Chinese brand is now making a name for itself in India

A brand with its roots in a country where Chinese influence was the norm is making a splash in the Indian market.

On Friday, a video of the company’s ad campaign for the Samsung Smart TV went viral on Chinese social media platforms.

It has more than 10 million views on YouTube and has garnered more than one million comments.

The ad features a group of people in suits, each wearing a pair of Samsung Smart TVs.

They have each attached their smart phones to the Samsung TVs.

It is a common device habit.

The video features an elderly couple, who are talking about the benefits of using smart devices.

One of the men is clearly a Samsung fan.

In the video, one of the people who is wearing the Smart TV says, “I want to give the smart home the power to make me more productive and happier.”

The video also shows how a woman using a Samsung Smart phone can do many things without the help of a Samsung smart home hub.

In another ad, the company is trying to build a new generation of smart home products.

A man is wearing a smart lamp and a woman is holding an iPad with a smart home app.

Both are talking to each other through an app.

The women are talking with one another via an app on a Samsung tablet, while the men are talking through a Samsung app on their Smart TVs, smart speakers and Smart Hubs.

The two people are clearly enjoying their Smart TVs, while each other is not.

The video has more two million views.

It shows a couple of men talking and laughing together.

The woman is laughing and the men in their Smart Hub, Smart Lamp and Smart TV are laughing.

The camera then pans out to show a woman in her Smart TV wearing a matching pair of sunglasses, as she is talking to her boyfriend through an iPhone app.

The ad shows that Samsung is continuing to build its brand, but it also highlights the companys ambitions to become a global brand.

The company is in the process of raising money for its expansion.

In India, Samsung has launched a $5 billion venture called Smart Hub.

The Smart Hub is set to be operational by 2020.

The new campaign for Samsung is also part of a larger campaign that is part of Samsung’s ongoing strategy to develop its products in the domestic market.

The campaign is also aimed at promoting its smart TV brands, and is aimed at helping its Indian rivals, including Apple, Samsung and LG, gain a foothold in the country.