Which brand is the most reliable appliance?

The most reliable brand in the U.S. isn’t the one you think.

The answer is the brand you may already be familiar with, says a recent study.

It turns out that when it comes to household appliances the brands with the most dependable ratings are mostly those that are the most expensive, according to research by a company called the Consumer Reports Institute.

A brand’s cost per watt is also an indicator of its reliability, says Mark Fisker, an analyst at the consumer research firm.

When consumers compare cost per dollar to reliability, they are more likely to buy a brand that offers a lower price per watt, he says.

Here are the top 10 brands on the list.


Panasonic – 7.9¢/w 2.

LG – 6.3¢/wk 3.

Philips – 5.4¢/kWh 4.

Sears – 4.3%/wk 5.

Kenmore – 4¢/KWh 6.

Kohl’s – 4%/kW 7.

GE – 3.6¢/W 8. Kmart – 3¢/kw 9.

Dyson – 3%/W 10.

Kohls – 3-5¢/lb/w