What’s New in the Spygate Spygate scandal?

By KATHERINE BERRYBURRBERG Posted February 15, 2020 12:57:39I know what you’re thinking: what are they trying to hide?

Well, the answer is that they want to protect their brand, which means the spygate scandal could be very, very, VERY damaging to them.

According to The Hill, in its latest report on the scandal, The Associated Press has compiled some stunning statistics on the cost and fallout of the scandal.

Here are some of the key takeaways:• $100,000 per person, plus expenses, for every appliance sold• $500,000 for every individual who had an appliance spygate• $2,400 for each household appliance that was sold in the U.S. to spies• $9,400,000 in damages• $1.6 billion in lost consumer incomeThe AP estimates that the spygates cost the government more than $100 million in lost income.

If the spy gates cost $100 billion, it would cost the federal government nearly $1 trillion in lost revenue.

If the spies cost the U-2 spy planes, the cost would be even more.

The U-1 spy planes were used for surveillance by the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

The cost for each spy plane was more than the cost of the spy planes themselves.