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Westinghouse says it’s shipping two new residential and commercial grade microwave ovens.

The new units, which it says will be delivered later this year, will provide a stable and efficient oven with the ability to be easily upgraded to meet customers’ needs.

Westinghouse, which is currently one of the largest manufacturers of microwave oven appliances, said in a statement that the new units will deliver a reliable oven with a larger oven size that will allow it to offer consumers more options.

The company said it will offer a range of options for consumers to choose from, including a smaller, but more efficient version of the current microwave oven, and will offer an “integrated” and “multiphase” option.

The microwave oven industry has been struggling with a shortage of microwave equipment in recent years, as customers have moved to smaller, smaller kitchens with less space to store appliances and cooking equipment.

The latest report by research firm IDC said the number of microwave appliances shipped in the U.S. in 2016 fell 2% from a year earlier, with shipments down 1.8%.