Panasonic household appliances can cause serious health problems, says US researcher

Panasonic has issued a warning to US consumers following reports of dangerous household appliances including vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and vacuums, and that many of them may contain a substance that could be harmful to your health.

According to the company, the products include “toxic, carcinogenic, toxic, neurotoxic, toxic and neurotoxic substances,” including the “polychlorinated biphenyl,” known as PCBs, which are commonly used in vacuum cleaners and dishwashes.

The chemical is known to cause a wide variety of health problems and can cause brain damage and organ damage in the long term.

According the statement from Panasonic, the problem of PCBs in household appliances was reported to the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2014.

The company says it’s investigating the report.

The warning does not apply to products that have a “vacuum cleaning” label on them, which is what most of the products in this article are.

Panasonic is also taking precautions by putting in place a system of tests and testing for contaminants in household products, and is encouraging consumers to call the company at 1-800-321-0303 for more information.

The FDA is also urging consumers to contact their health care provider if they think their household appliance may contain PCBs.

The Food and Chemical Safety Administration is also reviewing the issue, and says it will release a report in the coming weeks.