New home furnishings maker offers new ‘Carry-On’ option for elderly

A new home furnishing company is introducing a “carry-on” option for people 65 and older, which it calls the “CarryOn”.

The service, which allows customers to keep the items they purchased and add them to a bag for travel, is free for customers who do not need the services of a personal care aide or caregiver, according to a press release from the company.

The service was developed by a team led by the company’s chief executive, Matt Meehan.

“We’ve done this before and we’re excited to share it with our community,” said Meegan in the press release.

“The people who use this service, including seniors, are the most important part of our company and we want to continue to grow our brand and offer great products for them.”

“The first thing you’ll see is that our product line is much more appealing to the older people,” Meeham continued.

“They’re looking for something that’s a little more luxurious.

We have a whole range of products that you can add to your bag.

They’re looking to be able to get to work on time and have their own personal care that they want.”

The service is also designed to help seniors get home on time, by using a portable toilet that can be loaded and unloaded with the items the elderly need.

Meean said the service was designed to “offer people a more meaningful choice when they choose to use the carry-on option”.

The company said it was looking for feedback from the public about the service and whether or not the service would work for people over 65.

“While the idea is to offer more options to people who may not have the time to visit a home care facility, we are excited about the community response and the response we’ve gotten from people who are using this service,” said a press statement from Mee-han.

The company plans to roll out the service across its nine markets in the U.S. and Canada, as well as in Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Poland.

The “Caveat emptor” The service isn’t the first service from the firm to offer a “Crave” option to its customers, and it is the latest move from the family-owned company to offer services to its older customers.

The Mountain Home Services company started offering the “crave” service in 2013, offering a variety of home furnishments to customers over 65, including mattresses, chairs, and tables, as of September 2017.

The services also offer other products, including a laundry detergent, an electric kettle, a water heater, and an air conditioner.

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