Man accused of ‘slaughtering’ pets, killing chickens in home

In the home of a South Dakota couple who allegedly murdered at least 20 cats, the wife was allegedly responsible for the deaths of their chickens and chickens in their home, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday.

The woman is accused of using a knife to slit a cage of chickens she claimed were too old to fend for themselves in their backyard, and then killing the birds, the complaint says.

It is alleged that the couple had chickens for their backyard chickens, and also sold them to someone else, who then killed them.

The complaint claims that the woman had the knives and the cats taken from the couple’s property.

The cats were found dead in a nearby pond and were identified as a cat, a cat-headed cat and a cat.

The cats were taken to the State Veterinarian’s office for treatment, and the couple is charged with animal cruelty, the criminal complaint says, according the Star-Tribune.

A spokesperson for the State Veterinary Medical Center told the Star Tribune that it could not comment on pending cases.