How to safely remove your new toy with these DIY instructions

As many of you know, my son and I recently bought a new house, which we recently renovated.

The new home has a lot of new furnishings, and my son is a big fan of my old house.

This year, my husband and I have been trying to decide which house we want to move to.

The biggest issue we have been having is that we have both had so much time and money invested into our new house.

We’ve been shopping around and looking at new options, but we have found ourselves stuck in a rut, so we are wondering what can be done to break free of our old house and be able to get the house up to scratch.

Fortunately, I have a friend that is a home inspector, and she was able to help us out with the necessary DIY steps for getting rid of the old house with minimal effort.

Here are the steps you will need to take to get rid of your old house:1.

Remove the house furniture2.

Remove any appliances3.

Remove all the furniture4.

Remove anything that looks or smells bad5.

Install a new home inspection system (HVAC system)6.

Replace all of the appliances that are no longer needed and replace any that are1) Inoperable2) No longer usable3) No Longer Required4.

Replace any and all electrical equipment that is no longer necessary5.

Remove your old refrigerator or freezer and any other items that are not in use (i.e. pets, furniture, or any appliances that have been used for more than a year)6: Remove your garage door7: Install new electrical panels in the garage to keep the house warm and provide insulation for your new home8.

Install new carpet in your garage9: Remove all of your carpet and furniture10: Install your new shower wall11: Remove any and any trash containers and trash bags12: Replace any of your ceiling fans13: Replace the carpet in the attic with a new carpet14: Install a water filter in your new house15: Replace all your plumbing in your house16: Replace your electrical outlets17: Remove anything from your attic that is not used18: Remove the doorjambs and any metal components19: Install windows that are clear20: Install all of all of new appliances21: Replace everything that is out of order22: Remove and remove your trash containers from the house23: Remove everything that looks bad or doesn’t fit into your new garage24: Install the HVAC systems in your newly remodeled house25: Install and install all of you appliances in your newest homeIf you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

Thanks for reading!