How to avoid household appliances from dying in your home

LONDON — In the past month, at least 10 household appliances have died in the United Kingdom.

The latest death comes after an appliance maker reported the deaths of its own models.

The BBC reported Monday that a unit of appliance maker Energizer is reporting that it has suffered the deaths or serious injury of 10 of its models since the start of March.

The company said the deaths occurred in various countries and in different parts of the world.

The manufacturer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The other 10 cases are all in Europe, according to the BBC.

The BBC cited a spokesperson for the manufacturer as saying that Energizers products are “completely safe and sound.”

Energizer said in a statement that the 10 model failures were all caused by mechanical issues and that the company “took full responsibility for any product that was lost or destroyed during manufacturing.”

The BBC added that the manufacturer’s factory in London had been closed for several weeks.

The company has been criticized in the past for not providing information on the manufacture of its products, and for its failure to communicate the cause of some of its failures.

In March, the BBC reported that a faulty electrical box in an appliance in Energisers plant in Lincolnshire had caused the deaths.

The British Government’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) was investigating the deaths and the company was cooperating with the probe, the broadcaster reported.