How much does a new household appliance cost?

The cost of a new home appliance, which includes such things as gas, water and electricity, is expected to reach Rs 1,300 crore by 2019-20, with the highest price tag for new home appliances coming from Delhi.

This is the first time that this has been measured by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DESI) and the highest cost for new household goods such as washing machines and refrigerators is expected at Rs 1.40 crore, according to the survey.

The survey, which was conducted by a company called Deloitte, was conducted in partnership with the government and conducted in February, 2019, the second year of the Centre’s “Smart City 2025” initiative, which aims to tackle the city’s water scarcity crisis.

In the survey, the surveyors surveyed 1,000 households across Delhi.

It found that, while a new kitchen appliance costs Rs 300, a new washing machine cost Rs 1 lakh, a refrigerator cost Rs 500, a gas fridge Rs 1 crore, and a new air conditioner Rs 1 million.

Deloitte’s survey also found that a new refrigerator is the most expensive of the home appliances, with a price tag of Rs 3.5 crore.

This would be about two-and-a-half times the cost of the average house.

The average cost for a new fridge is about Rs 3,500.

Delhi’s water supply is a source of major contention between the Centre and Delhi’s residents, as the state is facing a severe shortage of drinking water.

The poll found that the majority of the respondents said they had used the city water supply only once or twice.

This number is lower than the national average of 71 per cent, but it is the highest in the country.

This has been seen as a result of the scarcity of water, as Delhi is the largest water consuming state in the nation.