How Italian household appliances can be replaced with cheaper alternatives

Italian household appliance manufacturers are looking to offer consumers a cheaper alternative to their brand name appliances.

According to the company that makes the appliances, which include some of the countrys best-known brands such as the Azzurro, the Bologna, and the Fabio, they are currently in the process of developing the “Fabio” model.

“The Fabio will replace the Aizzurro and Bolognese models in the Italian market.

It is aimed at replacing the cost of an appliance, and therefore saving consumers money,” the company told The Huffington Posts.

The company, which is headquartered in Florence, Italy, said that the Fabios main competitors, the Aizurro brand and the Borgnese brand, are both “trendy and expensive.”

According to Fabio CEO Andrea Fazio, the company has been looking for an inexpensive alternative for years.

“We have always looked at our product, we have always worked hard to create an affordable model, because we think it is really important for consumers to have a good experience with their products,” FazIO told HuffPost.

“But there was a time when we could have just taken advantage of cheaper products,” he added.

“There were products out there that cost the same as our products, but that didn’t make sense because consumers wanted to see their money go toward the goods and services that they wanted.”

He said the Fabias product will not be the only “fabrication” for consumers, but it is the first to take advantage of the “fabrica” — the new design that will replace traditional models in Italy.

“Fabrication will become a big part of our product range, because that’s where we will have the most competition from other manufacturers, who have already produced fabricators,” Fuzio said.

The Fabias new model comes in three sizes — small, medium, and large.

According to FuzIO, the sizes range from 5.9 inches (15.3 cm) to 9.1 inches (23.4 cm).

The company says the model will be available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

“We will also bring Fabio into other countries, especially China,” FozIO said.

Fabio says it is currently looking for partners who will supply it with the right equipment, so the company is looking to bring its Fabios products to the US, Europe, and Latin America.