Apple has finally unveiled the new iPad Mini, the new $329 device

Apple has unveiled the iPad Mini , the new new $29 iPad mini.

The tablet features a new 12.9-inch display, up from the 11.7-inch size of the original iPad Mini.

The device has a larger battery, and now has a microSD slot.

Apple also made an update to its software and its operating system.

The new iPad mini will go on sale on April 24th for $299.

Apple says the iPad mini has the same design as the iPad Air, and has been designed with two-touch design, which allows for easy switching between apps.

The screen has a 13-inch diagonal, with a 1.8-inch touch display.

The battery is also improved over the original.

It has 2,400mAh, up 10 percent from the original, which is significantly more than the iPad.

The new iPad includes the new iOS 9 software, Apple TV 4, Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods, and AirPano.

Apple also added a new AppleCare+ subscription service to the new device.

Apple says the service will provide a free, lifetime warranty on all new iPads purchased and use.

Apple has also made a number of changes to the iPad lineup.

Apple has replaced the iPad with a new, thinner version of the iPad Pro.

The iPad mini is now a $299, and the iPad 4 is now $399.

The iPad mini features a bigger display, a smaller battery, a bigger battery, more RAM, and more storage.

It also has a better keyboard and more ports, but it’s the only device that doesn’t have the AirPane.

The $299 iPad mini also includes an upgraded version of Apple’s App Store, and there’s a $49 price cut on the $349 iPad.