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Grand Blancket

Rehab 6 KG Blanket

Egyptian made

Soft silky feel

Double layers blanket

laser engraving


Grand normal vacuum cleaner

‎1- High suction power up to 2200 watt
‎2- Wonderful streamlined shape
‎3- Smooth mobility
‎4- Egyptian -made with international specification

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Hyper stainless boiler

Easy to use

Capacity of 2 liter

Completely safe and preventing rust

Wonderful streamline shape


Grand Electronics

For lanterns & Mosquitoes flash-tubes

Obtained environmental quality certificate no 14001 on 2004 and occupational health safety certificate OHSAS 18001 on 2007.

Our Products

Who are we?

Grand electronic company is a leading company in manufacturing the electronic machines specially Emergency lanterns, Mosquitoes flash tubes, moreover we manufacturing vacuum cleaners , saving power lamps which known as (magic lamps)

Grand electronic company is the first company in Egypt obtained ISO 9001 certificate on 2008 in manufacturing Emergency lanterns, Mosquitoes flash tubes ,also a leading company in manufacturing all kind of Emergency lanterns and Mosquitoes flash tubes.