$1,000 for a $3,000 fridge will go to people living in a futuristic house

A $1-million fridge will soon go on sale to people in a “future city”.

The futuristic fridge is a “micro-factory” in the heart of the city, which will make items that are as “small as a single piece of paper”.

The items will be assembled at the city’s manufacturing plant and then shipped to the futuristic city of Siam for distribution.

The futuristic household appliance will be a “household appliance” and the city will buy it in bulk.

The city, with the support of a US$2.3 billion investment, is planning to be “the largest city in the world” by 2030.

A $3-million kitchen in the futureThe fridge is part of the futuristic household design in the city.

(Siam Planning Authority)”The fridge will be able to serve a wide range of needs and also can provide a new option for people who cannot afford the high cost of refrigerators,” Siam Planning and Development Minister Boon Ching-kwan said.

The fridge, with a capacity of up to 40 liters, will be available to residents in a large city in Siam from the start of the year.

“We want to make it a household appliance that is also a food product, so it is very affordable,” he said.

Siam is one of the first cities in South-east Asia to offer a fridge, although many cities have yet to offer them.

The new model, which has not been officially named, will have a capacity for up to 80 liters of milk, according to Siam planning and development department.

A refrigerator for a future cityThe fridge for the future city of Saigon is part and parcel of the $2.5-million investment in the futuristic kitchen.

(Boon Chang-khan/Siam Development Authority) The city will make the fridge at a local facility in Sajjan, a small city about 30 kilometres from Siam.

Sajjan is also the site of a $1.6-million manufacturing facility, with plans to build an entire city-sized factory.

The kitchen, the city said, will also be a part of this facility.

It will also make an item that is small as a paper piece, so that the fridge can be placed in the kitchen without being noticed, the Siam Development and Planning Department said in a statement.

The $3.6 million investment in a future kitchen will also provide $1 million in support to the city for its first year of operation, the statement said.

A fridge for a futuristic futureA futuristic kitchen is a part and sphere of the future Siam kitchen.

The city plans to use the $1m in support for a kitchen for the first year.

(The Siam Housing and Urban Development Authority/Sajja K.P.)

The $1million will also go towards “building a community kitchen in Sihanoukville”, the statement added.

The project is part-funded by the $US1.2-billion South-East Asia Infrastructure Investment Facility, which was set up by the government to finance infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia.

Sia Siam, the head of the development agency, said the city plans on selling the fridge in a small, low-cost market.

The fridge was conceived by Siam’s new mayor, Pheu Thai-joe, and the design is being done by a team of designers from Singapore, Singapore, Australia and Japan.

The design team includes Singaporean-American architecture firm JLL, who created a futuristic fridge at the site.

It will be placed inside a city-wide fridge and a model for the fridge will also serve as a model of the kitchen.

According to the project website, the fridge is “designed to be small enough to be carried in the pocket and easy to use”.

The kitchen will be made out of recycled plastic.

Boon said the design will not be an exact replica of the fridge itself.

There are also no plans to manufacture the fridge, he said, but rather to use its parts for projects such as a new street sign or for the city to develop.